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 Hallo! I'm kool007kat and I do a variety of graphics.

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PostSubject: Hallo! I'm kool007kat and I do a variety of graphics.   Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:40 am

I can do:
avators for many sites, including Deviant Art, Howrse feedback site and forums such as this one.
layouts for howrse ECs and profile pages. All work well with width of scroll box
banners I can do animated, non animated, so just ask me and I'll see what I can do Smile

My services are mainly free, but as with the market, I may put a price on if I get lots of orders, but even then it will be very cheap.

(sword naming ceremony)
Eragon: Well, what if I named it Hope in the ancient Language? Zar'roc means "misery", so wouldn't it be fitting if I were to wield a sword that by it's very name would counteract misery?
Saphira: A noble Sentiment. But do you really want togive your enemies hope? Do you want to stab Gallbatorix with hope?
Eragon: It's an amusing pun.

From Brisingr, by Christopher Palloni
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Hallo! I'm kool007kat and I do a variety of graphics.
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