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 ~kool007kat~'s Unisex Names

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PostSubject: ~kool007kat~'s Unisex Names   Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:17 pm

Midnight star
Glistening slow
Vampire Moon

(sword naming ceremony)
Eragon: Well, what if I named it Hope in the ancient Language? Zar'roc means "misery", so wouldn't it be fitting if I were to wield a sword that by it's very name would counteract misery?
Saphira: A noble Sentiment. But do you really want togive your enemies hope? Do you want to stab Gallbatorix with hope?
Eragon: It's an amusing pun.

From Brisingr, by Christopher Palloni

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~kool007kat~'s Unisex Names
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