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 Looking for COOL graphics and banners?

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PostSubject: Looking for COOL graphics and banners?   Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:40 am

Are you too lazy to find graphics? Do you NOT have acces to some sites that you just LOVE thier graphics? Do you not know how to create bammin' banners? Well, even if you're NON of those, come get something from me! I can find you graphics and make glitter words for YOU on with my registration and i can make the best banners on a banner site!

And...what's the price? ZERO! ZIP! Nothing! I can work for you for a lifetime and nothing will come out of your account unless you bribe me (Which i encourage you to do Laughing )!

I will show you a quick exmaple of my banners later and also some graphics!

I burn off 1/2 a pound each time I laugh so then I must be about....-500 pounds at this point.
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Looking for COOL graphics and banners?
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