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 Pass Seeds- What you need

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PostSubject: Pass Seeds- What you need   Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:21 am

Well, I'm sure everybody knows about pass seeds and how wonderful they are. You can get a pass from planting them! cheers Well, right now, I'm here to tell you the basics of planting pass seeds that people don't know that could cause them to sadly, go wrong.

1. Well, first of all, you must buy pass seeds. Many new Howrse players or young Howrse players do not understand that have a website with members costs MONEY to operate and THAT is why special features must cost REAL money. So, getting passes WITHOUT buying with real money is hard. That means buying pass seeds is hard. Pass seeds hardly come out for people to buy in thier Equestrian Center so just keep a look out for them.
2. If you're lucky enough to find the pass seeds and buy them, make SURE you buy the MAX that you can. You MUST plant them for 15 acres to get 1 pass. That ties in with another step that will come later
3. You might think that you can cheat out of it by buying the max amount of pass seeds and then plant them on 3 acre fields and then get 3 passes, but Howrse doesn't allow that and there is no way you can do it. You MUST plant 15 acres of pass seeds (and yes, it HAS to be 15 acres) on a 15 acre FERTILE meadow.
4. Since 15 acre fertile meadows are EXTREMELY costly in Equestrain Centers in equus, there is another option to buy a 15 acre meadow. If you go to the Equestrain Center Secret Market, you can buy multiple costly items for passes. I bought MY 15 acre meadow with 1 pass from the secret market so in order to GET passes, I had to spend a pass first. But don't worry, it is worth it because that meadow can always keep on planting.
5. THEN, you MUST use manure for fertilizer. You may think manure is NOT a good fertilizer sometimes (Cause hello, it's made out of poop) but really, it's the best fertilizer out there. Shocked make sure you have at LEAST 15 acres of manure fertilizer!
6. Make sure that you made NO mistake and them click PLANT!
7. Always be aware of the season that pass seeds can grow. Even though you cannot plant pass seeds in the wrong season because Howrse does not have the option to plant them when it isn't the correct season, i don't think you would enjoy waiting a whole month just because you forgot to plant the pss seeds in the correct season.

And thats my heads-up to you on planting pass seeds!
if you have any other questions unanswered in this long topic, then please feel free to post your questions here. I'll be glad to answer them.

Telling you useful information,

answerme (admin)

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Pass Seeds- What you need
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