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 All Staff Please Read!

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Admin Friend!

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PostSubject: All Staff Please Read!   Sat Sep 27, 2008 2:24 pm

Hello staff and HERE is where you'll become known. You can create your own topic telling a little about yourself, what you are like, and well, anything that follows rules on here that you can think aobut YOURSELF. Yourself is the key word.

Also, follow this if you would like to-

Username here:
Username on howrse:
What kind of staff:
What you know most on Howrse:
I like:

of course, you don't HAVE to follow that, it's just a thing to help you think of ideas of what to talk about yourself if you are blank. Razz

I burn off 1/2 a pound each time I laugh so then I must be about....-500 pounds at this point.
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All Staff Please Read!
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