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 Welcome to Polling

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PostSubject: Welcome to Polling   Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:29 pm

you know how annoying it is when you first find out that posting polls in the public forums on howrse is NOT ALLOWED? Well, now, right here, you can post polls and ask for other's opinions, thoughts, and discuss it! cheers There is a use for the polling option ya know! Very Happy

BUT, there are rules for the polling "station".
1. ALL topics posted in here that are polls MUST have the polling option. If there is none, somebody will ask you so that you know that time and next time and forever and ever and...ever. If you DO forget and see, you can simply click to edit your topic and scroll down to the bottom of the page. you can then create a poll.
2. you are allowed to STATE your opinions, but donot get too into it because this is not a REAL debate station where you get to yell on and on about your opinions. Sometimes you may want to debate...but don't think of the other side as "the enemy".
3. No cursing or bad language allowed. No *'s to cover them up either. We want this whole site to be clean! Yes, we have word censoring, but let's keep that to a minumum!
4. Be nice and accept what other people think. Not everybody understands everything.

So go ahead! Ask what you want. Whether it be a new name for a horse, or whether you should wear blue or red socks to school, go ahead and ask!

Thats all for now!
EDIT~November 1st, 2008~Please make sure to include the OTHER option in any polls where OTHER would be reasonable!
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Welcome to Polling
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