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 Finder/Trainer Here. CHEAP!

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PostSubject: Finder/Trainer Here. CHEAP!   Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:20 pm

Service: I train your horses for CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!! 100e minimum, 300e maximum! Now, I'm also a finder, meaning to look for the best training schedule for YOUR horse with full explanation. not, I'm not the BEST trainer with my own horses, but when I work for YOU and YOUR horse, I make sure to follow the schedule that COULD bring your horse up to over 500 or 600 skills, 100BLUP it, age it for free, and so much more! I'm will not go lazy on your horse.

Process: Since my service is SO cheap, we can do it the way you choose, you can pay me by trading the horse around in the private sales, or by coverings! Either way, the best chance of this whole thing working out is ONLY if you have acces to the private sales. Sorry to the newer players, but thats the way howrse is i guess.

Price Chart:
100e- Finding the perfect training schedule for your horse and giving you the schedule in detail
200e- Training your horse to 5 years old with the perfect schedule
300e- Training your horse to 10 years old (Most likely 100 BLUP or at least close) with the perfect schedule. (If not all conps are won at 10 years, you have a choice of either me trying to win more for you or you winning them with yoru horse yourself)


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Finder/Trainer Here. CHEAP!
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