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 Unicorn for Sale: Paint 500e and 2 Passes

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PostSubject: Unicorn for Sale: Paint 500e and 2 Passes   Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:05 pm

cheers WHOOHOO! Unicorn!

Here's some things you may want to conside because I'm selling HER:

Name (currently): Fancy
Breed: Paint
gender: FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ready to Breed)
Other: This female is ready to breed RIGHT away, and unis are the best! CHeapest price you'll EVER find. She is partly trained
Why am i selling her?: i have no time to breed anymore since school but if you don't have school OR have time on the weekends, she'll make a GREAT uni collection for YOU

Now, get a hold of the price! 500e and passes! That is 500e and 3 passes on the market, but if you're greedy or can't get too many passes, I'll give you a SPECIAL deal of 500e and 2 passes! WOW. monkey Like a Star @ heaven Never has anybody seen a 500e and only 2 passes deal of a FEAMLE uni before but NOW, you do.

Hurry and BUY! Female uni for 500e and 3 passes or 500e and 2 passes! Shocked

I burn off 1/2 a pound each time I laugh so then I must be about....-500 pounds at this point.
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Unicorn for Sale: Paint 500e and 2 Passes
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