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 Staff Meetings!: Staff PLEASE read

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PostSubject: Staff Meetings!: Staff PLEASE read   Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:16 pm

Dear Staff Members,

Thank you for cooperating with our site and helping out. We will be having Staff meetings from now on. This is where you can get information. Also, please, NO other members hanging out and snitchen' on us. (Remember, if you snitch, we can ban). Here's some present info from us:

Time: 10:00 AM Eastern time (3:00 UK time). That means, if you do not live in the US, Eastern, please adjust to come on when it IS Eastern time. The ending time is not decided, but i guess we end when we run out of topics or an admin has to get off.
Place: Meet in the CHAT BOX so that we can communicate easily ad quickly.
What to discuss: We discuss ideas, and thoughts to make this place better. We also make quick changes in forums and other things so we know what belongs and what does not.
What Day(s): We will have these meetings on EVERY weekend, both Saturday AND Sunday whether you are there or not. (Just a reminder, at 10:00 AM Eastern time. For more time info read when the time is). We chose those days because that is when most people are available and both days because then you have options. That means if you have some even more important or cannot make it on Saturday, at least you get another chance.
Other importants: •You do not HAVE to come to every Staff meeting, but we suggest that you do so that you can get a bigger say in things that are happening on this site and understand what is happening •Staff meetings will always be held though because Muppetcrayz and I will be at every staff meeting (unless something more important really happened) and will discuss things for this site •For regular members (non-staff members), you are allowed to bring suggestions to either Muppetcrayz, or I, as we will announce your ideas at the Staff Meetings so even if you cannot take part in our meeting, you will be able to suggest. After we discussd your idea, the person that you sent your idea to will message you saying what happened with your idea •If you are a non-staff member and you snitch on our staff meeting, you will be banned temporarily from the site. (Maybe about 1 day or so). This will be a permanent rule as we don't want any snitchers!

Thats all for now but for all staff, we hope you can join these meetings as they wil be very important to the site and you!


answerme the Administrator

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Staff Meetings!: Staff PLEASE read
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